What To Do If You Are the Victim of a Hit and Run Auto Accident

Two car collided on a highway.Drivers leave the scene of auto accidents all the time.  Typically, the person(s) leave because they are guilty of something.  Whether it be no insurance, no license, high on drugs or alcohol, or they didn’t even realize an accident occurred.

However, why they left is not of importance.  What is important is identifying the person(s) that left the accident so they can be held accountable.

Taking these steps can help identify the person(s) responsible and protect yourself if the person(s) are not apprehended.

  1. Call 911
  2. If able, once the police arrive on the scene fill out a police report with everything you can remember. Every detail could be important in apprehending the person(s) responsible.
  3. At this point, the police should be using the information that you have provided to look for evidence of the person(s) that left the scene. Another, important factor in filling out the police report is it creates a record in the event the person(s) responsible are not apprehended.  Also, your own insurance company may even want to review this report before paying for any property or medical damages especially if the at-fault driver is never found.
  4. Anything that you can write down while on scene is important because it is still fresh in your memory. However, if you remember something later be sure to contact law enforcement so they can supplement the report.
  5. Be sure to get the names and contact information of any possible witnesses. Witnesses may be helpful in leading to the apprehension of the at-fault driver or helping prove you were not at fault in the event the person(s) who left the scene are never apprehended.
  6. Take as many pictures of the accident scene as possible, these too can help in apprehending the at-fault driver or prove you were not at fault.
  7. Don’t wait to go to the hospital. You may think that there is nothing wrong; however, sometimes injuries do not manifest immediately.  Having a thorough exam by a licensed Doctor provides a record of your injuries for yourself and for your insurance company.  If you want to be compensated for your injuries at a later time this is very important.
  8. Call a lawyer that specializes in auto accidents. An experienced lawyer will help facilitate compensation from the at-fault driver if that person(s) is located.  However, if the at-fault person(s) is not located, your lawyer may still be able to help facilitate compensation for your property damage, medical damages, and lost wages from another policy.

Taking these steps is the start to taking control of the situation.  However, at Campbell & Smith, PLLC,  you will never be left to do this by yourself.

As former Prosecutors, we have great relationships with law enforcement, private detectives, and all WV State and County Prosecutors offices. With these relationships, our attorneys can help locate the at-fault driver and make sure you are compensated fairly for your injuries.

Contact our attorneys at Campbell & Smith, PLLC, leave us a message online or call us at 304-345-9889 or 1-800-544-1521.

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