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Charleston, WV Car Accident Lawyers in Campbell & Smith, PLLC.Car crashes happen when you least expect them. Whether you were running errands, taking a trip, or simply commuting around town, you probably never expected that everything would change before you got back home — or that a single accident could cause so much frustration. Let our dedicated Charleston, WV car accident attorneys at Campbell & Smith, PLLC fight for your rights, and the justice you deserve.

Most car accidents in West Virginia are caused by a driver’s negligence. If you’ve been the victim of a recent car crash, trucking accident, or any other vehicle collision, it’s likely that someone else’s careless driving is to blame.

“When I was injured in a car wreck, I was unsure of what to do.  After meeting with Adam, I was comfortable and knew my case was in good hands.  Adam got me the money I needed to get back on my feet.”  – Christy E. 

Common examples of driver negligence include:

  • Speeding
  • Texting while driving (or other distractions)
  • Poor vehicle or road maintenance
  • Following too closely
  • Running red lights (or breaking other traffic laws)
  • Drunk or drugged driving (DUI / DWI)
  • Reckless or aggressive driving
  • Failure to yield the right of way

Automobile accidents can be devastating for victims, especially when they are caused by the negligence of others. Insurance companies make the claims process complicated, and in most cases, they will try their best to avoid paying the full compensation you deserve.

 Car accident on a Charleston, WV road - Campbell & Smith, PLLC auto accident attorneysHowever, with the help of experienced and aggressive Charleston, WV auto accident attorneys, you can level the playing field. In fact, studies show that accident victims who work with legal teams tend to recover more money than those who try to handle the situation alone.

Insurance companies often prey upon people without representation, employing tactics such as unofficial “deny first, defend later” policies to avoid paying out claims. It is essential to have a competent lawyer on your side who will fight for your rights and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your losses.

Injuries sustained in an accident can be severe and may require ongoing medical treatment or result in a loss of income. It is crucial to consider the long-term effects of your accident when seeking compensation. Our Charleston, WV car accident attorneys will work diligently to ensure that you receive the full amount you deserve.

Let us help you in your time of need. Our highly experienced Charleston, WV car accident attorneys represent victims in all types of vehicle accidents throughout West Virginia.

We take a strong and assertive approach against insurance companies and work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. We understand that every penny counts, and we will fight to ensure that every penny matters.

Car / Vehicle Crashes

Auto accident scene in Charleston, WV.Passenger cars and trucks, sedans, two-door, and four-door cars account for most of the auto accidents in West Virginia. That’s what most people drive, of course, but it also means many of the victims are teenagers, children, and families.

Car crashes range in severity, from moderate to fatal, but even less-catastrophic accidents can cause significant physical and financial damage. We handle these cases every day, and we’ve seen far too many people sign on the dotted line only to realize later that they were owed much more money.

If you’ve been involved in any car crash with moderate to severe injuries, we urge you to contact our office before you agree to any offer from an insurance company. Our experienced Charleston, WV car accident lawyers will make a big difference in how your case is handled.

SUV Crashes

Van and SUV accidents are similar to those involving sedans, but SUVs can be more dangerous because they are heavier and have a higher center of gravity. That means they’re more likely to flip or rollover. In those cases, there may be multiple third parties who are also liable (in addition to the at-fault driver), such as:

  • The van or SUV manufacturer
  • Drivers who leave debris or fallen objects on the road
  • Local or state governments for creating dangerous roadway conditions

These accidents are also more complicated because they often involve a greater number of passengers. Our accident legal team in Charleston, WV can help with any collision case, no matter how complex.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

When large semi-trailer trucks collide with other vehicles, the impact can be absolutely devastating. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are fatal.

Most commercial vehicle wrecks are caused by driver negligence. Common examples include:

  • Driver fatigue (caused by long hours on the road and grueling delivery schedules)
  • Illegal drug use
  • Using prescription or over-the-counter medications that impair judgment
  • Drunk driving
  • Carrying dangerous, toxic, or excessively heavy cargo
  • Failing to properly store cargo
  • Inadequate vehicle maintenance

Large commercial trucks require extra care, both in their operation and in terms of routine maintenance. In most cases, it is the trucking company (and/or its insurer) that is ultimately liable for the victim’s injuries.

Challenging large corporations can seem daunting or even impossible, but with our dedicated trucking accident legal team in Charleston, WV from Campbell & Smith, PLLC on your side, you can have a voice and equal footing.

Motorcycle Accidents

A wrecked motorcycle and car damaged due to collision in Charleston, WV.Most motorcycle accidents are caused by other vehicle drivers — not the bikers themselves! It’s time that drivers start showing motorcyclists the care and respect they deserve.

Motorcycle accidents are unique in that they are often caused by specific types of negligence (e.g. making left turns in front of motorcycles, failing to look for bikes when changing lanes, or opening car doors in front of an oncoming motorcycle) and their victims have relatively little protection (even if they are wearing safety gear and a helmet).

Still, bikers have a clear right to use the road, and if someone else causes them harm while driving, we’re here to protect their rights and demand fair compensation.

Taxi and Uber Accidents

If you’ve been injured as a passenger in a taxi cab, limousine, Lyft car, Uber car, or other ride-sharing vehicles, our Charleston, WV auto accident lawyers can help.

The law on ridesharing liability is currently evolving, but this much is certain: victims of negligence are entitled to compensation. In many cases, the rideshare or taxi company may share in the liability.

An aggressive Charleston, WV car collision accident lawyer from our firm can get to the bottom of who’s liable for your accident and help you to hold them accountable.

Public Transportation and Bus Accidents

When you use a bus or public transit system, you have a right to safety. We all depend on these systems to keep us safe. If you’ve suffered an injury in an accident involving a bus or other public transit vehicle, it’s in your best interest to get an experienced Charleston, WV car crash accident attorney on your side. After all, the defendants will have ample legal representation on theirs.

Boating Accidents

West Virginia may be landlocked, but fishing, boating, and marina recreation are all popular pastimes in our many lakes and bodies of water. Unfortunately, boating companies often rent these vehicles to people with little or no experience.  Therefore, accidents do happen, even in “tame” waterways — especially when alcohol or reckless behavior are involved. We can help.

Pedestrian Injuries

An injured man because of a car accident in Charleston, WV.A pedestrian’s body is no match for an oncoming truck or car. Sadly, pedestrians are hit and killed with tragic frequency in our state, and the families are left blindsided and reeling.

If you or your loved one has been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident in West Virginia, our injury legal team in Charleston, WV can help you understand your rights and options under the law. Please contact us as soon as possible.

FAQ: Is It True That Rear-End Drivers Are Always Liable in a Car Accident?

In most cases, yes. While there are some scenarios in which a different driver (including the one who was rear-ended) can be held liable, these are rare. In a rear-end collision, a legal fault is usually assigned to the rearmost driver. If you think your case is unusual, or if you have questions about how West Virginia traffic law might apply to your collision, don’t hesitate to call our office and ask.

FAQ: What Is West Virginia’s Statute of Limitations for Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Most automotive collisions in West Virginia are governed by a two-year statute of limitations, which means any claims stemming from the accident must be filed within two years from the date of the accident.

Car crash litigation takes some time to prepare, so it’s in your best interest to contact our trusted Charleston car accident attorney as soon as possible.

FAQ: Does the Insurance Company Have to Give Me a Reasonable Valuation?

Despite what their commercials say, insurance companies do not represent you, they don’t care too much about being a good neighbor, and they are certainly not on your side.

While insurers do have a legal obligation to handle claims in good faith, they nevertheless routinely offer unreasonably low valuations to accident victims in West Virginia. In most cases, the most effective strategy is to get an aggressive team of personal injury lawyers on your side. Call our skilled Charleston, WV car accident lawyer.

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